Trustfulness and credibility

We recognise that trust and confidence must drive our relation with our partners and society in general. Hence, ASSISTOR-NPO will endeavour to bring appropriate and safe public benefits when carrying out its aims and purposes.

A change for a more sustainable future

We believe that non profit community has a prominent role to play in the establishment of a sustainable future. We consider that it shares the responsibility of providing the appropriate efforts to achieve this goal. Governments can't do everything at the same time, nor can NPOs. Cooperative relationships between non profits organizations, the public sector and the business community is a point of a paramount significance to start a "New Age".

Commitment to service and mission

Commitment to service is among our principles. Hence, we shall endeavour to deliver to all our partners services in line with good practices and ethical standards. Also, we shall share our knowledge and work as facilitator so that our colleagues get better chances to implement their programs and meet their aspirations.

Centrality of people to the organizational mission

In our view, commitment to people is a central issue to achieve an organization's objectives and aspirations. Organizational success depends on valuing people contribution and promoting an inclusive work environement for optimal development effectiveness. Therefore, more empowerment has to be granted to development professionals, in particular those delivering their mission in the "Transitional World", to make their work more efficient.