There is wide recognition that NGOs have a significant role to play in overcoming crucial issues and challenges faced by various communities throughout the world. NGOs are recognized for their abilities to develop innovative initiatives, programmes or components of programmes, approaches and mechanisms to address development problems and issues. ASSISTOR-NPO shares this recognition and seeks to contribute its share, so modest is it, for the construction of a better world. For this purpose, we have identified a certain number of services which we wish to place at the disposal of the non-commercial sector.

During these years, NGOs have been in the forefront of many innovations that have provided ideas and models replicated or adapted in other settings and situations. Indeed, ASSISTOR-NPO feels that there are opportunities for collaborative action to foster cooperation and knowledge sharing. Consequently, we attempt to start fruitful collaboration and partnerships with non profit associations and organizations and to some extent with governmental and official bodies to pursue shared goals.

Our services include: Consulting, Virtual Assisting, Program and Project Management and Assignments on the spot.


We put before recipient organizations and charities administrative, technical and management services along with innovative ideas and solutions to achieve their project objectives. As adviser, our areas of expertise include issues in connexion with: the environment, education, office works, meetings, seminars and campaign organization, administrative and organisational assessment.

Virtual assisting

 From our home office, we can provide our customers with administrative, technical or creative assistance and quality services to help them become more efficient: word processing, editing, manuscript/reports drafting and processing, grant writing, presentations, proofreading, translation, website design and update. We need some materials from your side: a hand written paper, a fax, an email or a hard copy. The finalized job is forwarded to you by e-mail. However in case you wish we use any other mean, we will ask you to take charge of the sending expenses.

Program and project management

We proffer this service mainly to help recipient organizations to implement their programs from initiation to completion stages and fulfil their obligations, in particular toward their donors and funding agencies.

Assignments on the spot

This flexible service aims to provide expertise on the spot to perform specific tasks and activities during a short period of time. Our personnel will undertake its job on voluntary basis provided that the applicant of performance is a non profit organisation.

Dear colleagues, if you deem that ASSISTOR-NPO may help, please don't hesitate, move forward to the application phase and click here to download a "preliminary proposal form".