ASSISTOR-NPO will conduct its projects and activities according to its aims and purposes. As a development assistance association, ASSISTOR-NPO will endeavour to set up its own projects overseas. In addition, it will seek to set up partnerships particularly in the "Third World" with a view to take part in projects and actions in compliance with its aims and purposes.


We put before organizations and charities administrative, technical and management services along with innovative ideas and solutions to achieve their project objectives.

Virtual assisting

From our home office, we can provide our customers with professional administrative, organizational, technical or creative assistance and quality services to help them become more efficient: word processing, manuscript drafting and processing, grant writing, presentations, proofreading, translation, website design and maintenance. When providing this service for applicants other than not for profit organizations or charities, we charge a reasonable fee.

Program and project management

We offer this service mainly to help non profit organizations to implement their programs from initiation to completion stages and fulfil their obligations, in particular toward their donors and funding agencies.

Assignments on the spot

This flexible service aims to cover the need to commit someone on the spot to conduct specific tasks and activities during a short term. Our personnel will undertake its job on volontary basis and free of charge, provided that the applicant of performance is a non profit organization.