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Get Involved

Get Involved

I- Non Profit Partnership:

You are an organization running various programs and seeking to improve the quality of its services. You face a lack of resources and expertise to achieve your goals or you need some advice on a particular issue. Don't hesitate to come to ASSISTOR-NPO and for sure we will find common grounds to start a fruitful collaboration or an inspiring non profit partnership to enhance your capabilities and achieve greater community impact. Think of what you can do when you enter a non profit partnership for the good and what you can add to your organization by doing so.

ASSISTOR-NPO is a not-for-profit organization and we deliver our services on voluntary basis, in fact at a low cost if not at no cost for you!

II- Make a Difference: Have a Special Purpose!

You are an individual,you may be a professional, a researcher or a senior wishing to share his/her skills and know-how. You are thinking of a career development or you plan to have a gap year and give your time and experience together with opening your heart to a new culture and meeting people who need you. Then, ASSISTOR-NPO needs you, too! You may consider to join our list of experts-volunteers and have an opportunity to demonstrate you knowledge and help organizations that address critical needs in the "Developing World".

III- How Do You Get Started?

If you are an individual, click HERE for more.

If you are an Organization, click HERE for more.

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