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Know Us Better

About the founder


Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Mohamed Béchir Talbi from TUNISIA. I am aged 66 (2013), actually retired. I hold a postgraduate degree in nautical science granted by the French Maritime Administration (1974). I have been seafarer since my youth. At 30, I joined the Tunisian Transportation Board where, until 2007, I carried out many duties related to maritime transport. Actually, I am a qualified ESL teacheer as well. You know, it is not easy to step into the third age! I do say that I have been really anxious about what this retirement time will be.

Preparatory stages

Through the internet, I have found out a Cambodian NGO seeking for a Librarian. I applied for the position and finally on June 2007, I joined “Seametrey Of Cambodia “ in Phnom Penh where they are running a Montessori kindergarten. I stayed there one year. In particular, I set up the library and trained a young Cambodian to take over.

On November 2008, I went to “Mukti Niketan-Bhagalpur”, a Bihari NGO/Northern India where I stayed six months. This NGO is engaged in village development work, as well as in multifarious activities for the benefit of the needy poor such as programmes for the upliftment of women and children, initiatives to develop schools, medical clinics, vocational and training, self help groups. There, I have taught children English and I have taken part in field visits and meetings to monitor the implementation of rural projects.


Through these actions, I felt that in our “Third World” NGOs are doing an important job. These NGOs face many challenges and also they have many needs, in particular assistance by skilled people to carry out various duties: teaching, office management, project management, raising fund, etc.

In addition, I wanted to put my future actions into a consistent frame, and instead of going standalone, I decided to set up an adequate structure so that others could possibly act for the better.

And it is at this stage that comes ASSISTOR-NPO.

We are a not-for-profit organization and, as a development assistance association, we seek to provide advice and expertise to not-for-profit sector especially in the “Third World”, to improve the contribution this sector can make to address challenges faced by local communities.

ASSISTOR-NPO is independent from political, religious or business interests and maintains its independence by completely funding and operating its programs with the practical and monetary contributions of volunteers and donors.

We believe that the non merchant sector is really in a position to support disadvantaged communities and their members in the process of achieving sustainable development, social justice and peace.

We believe also that a lot of success stories can be achieved through cooperation, dialogue, share of knowledge and experience beyond borders, colors and nationalities.


Get Involved

I- Non Profit Partnership:

You are an organization running various programs and seeking to improve the quality of its services. You face a lack of resources and expertise to achieve your goals or you need some advice on a particular issue. Don't hesitate to come to ASSISTOR-NPO and for sure we will find common grounds to start a fruitful collaboration or an inspiring non profit partnership to enhance your capabilities and achieve greater community impact. Think of what you can do when you enter a non profit partnership for the good and what you can add to your organization by doing so.

ASSISTOR-NPO is a not-for-profit organization and we deliver our services on voluntary basis, in fact at a low cost if not at no cost for you!

II- Make a Difference: Have a Special Purpose!

You are an individual,you may be a professional, a researcher or a senior wishing to share his/her skills and know-how. You are thinking of a career development or you plan to have a gap year and give your time and experience together with opening your heart to a new culture and meeting people who need you. Then, ASSISTOR-NPO needs you, too! You may consider to join our list of experts-volunteers and have an opportunity to demonstrate you knowledge and help organizations that address critical needs in the "Developing World".

III- How Do You Get Started?

If you are an individual, click HERE for more.

If you are an Organization, click HERE for more.

Welcome to Assistor-NPO

We are a not-for-profit organization and we seek to provide advice and expertise to the non profit sector in the Third World, in order to improve the contribution this sector can make to address challenges faced by local communities.


Our Philosophy

  • Trustfulness and credibility
  • Commitment to values and ethics
  • Service to people
  • Voluntary compliance with standards of good governance
  • Realism and sustainability
  • Cooperation beyond boundaries
  • No buzzwords or management fads


Our Services

Today, our environment is tumultuous and sometime chaotic. We may say that we are facing a "Time of Change"! And we believe that we can work with others to create a change for the better. We are in a position to develop strong relationships with our partners, to collaborate and to cooperate fully with them in order to facilitate the achievement of such a change...



Trustfulness and credibility

We recognise that trust and confidence must drive our relation with our partners and society in general. Hence, ASSISTOR-NPO will endeavour to bring appropriate and safe public benefits when carrying out its aims and purposes.

A change for a more sustainable future

We believe that non profit community has a prominent role to play in the establishment of a sustainable future. We consider that it shares the responsibility of providing the appropriate efforts to achieve this goal. Governments can't do everything at the same time, nor can NPOs. Cooperative relationships between non profits organizations, the public sector and the business community is a point of a paramount significance to start a "New Age".

Commitment to service and mission

Commitment to service is among our principles. Hence, we shall endeavor to deliver to all our partners services in line with good practices and ethical standards. Also, we shall share our knowledge and work as facilitator so that our colleagues get better chances to implement their programs and meet their aspirations.

Centrality of people to the organizational mission

In our view, commitment to people is a central issue to achieve an organization's objectives and aspirations. Organizational success depends on valuing people contribution and promoting an inclusive work environment for optimal development effectiveness. Therefore, more empowerment has to be granted to development professionals, in particular those delivering their mission in the "Transitional World", to make their work more efficient.



ASSISTOR-NPO will conduct its projects and activities according to its aims and purposes. As a development assistance association, ASSISTOR-NPO will endeavour to set up its own projects overseas. In addition, it will seek to set up partnerships particularly in the "Third World" with a view to take part in projects and actions in compliance with its aims and purposes. Our services include: Consulting, Virtual Assisting, Program and Project Management and Assignments on The spot.


We put before organizations and charities administrative, technical and management services along with innovative ideas and solutions to achieve their project objectives.

Virtual assisting

From our home office, we can provide our customers with professional administrative, organizational, technical or creative assistance and quality services to help them become more efficient: word processing, manuscript drafting and processing, grant writing, presentations, proofreading, translation, website design and maintenance. When providing this service for applicants other than not for profit organizations or charities, we charge a reasonable fee.

Program and project management

We offer this service mainly to help non profit organizations to implement their programs from initiation to completion stages and fulfil their obligations, in particular toward their donors and funding agencies.

Assignments on the spot

This flexible service aims to cover the need to commit someone on the spot to conduct specific tasks and activities during a short term. Our personnel will undertake its job on volontary basis and free of charge, provided that the applicant of performance is a non profit organization.


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